Susan Peel Video Productions produces high quality DVDs of dance concerts and other events. The selection of DVDs currently available for purchase is always changing, and prices vary depending on a number of criteria.

DVDs may be ordered online.  They may be paid for using PayPal, or you can send a check for the appropriate amount to the address in your Order Confirmation email.

If you are interested in a DVD from a show that is no longer listed, please use the Contact Form to check on the DVD's availability. I may still be able to fulfill your order.


"I just got my camp dvds and they are amazing! Well-done!"
- Micky Markert, Oasis Dance Camp South

"Sue, your work is beyond amazing -- it was like putting a puzzle together that didn't have a 'frame' - your eye and ear worked miracles! What a tribute to your dedication and awesome skills and to ODC's legacy. Shukran! Mabruk!" (about the Oasis 25 Year Retrospective video)
- Felicia Elias

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Habibi Dancers Spring Event "A Shimmy in Time" with Luna of Cairo DVD

$26.15 *

Available from 4/14/2018 until 7/31/2018

Prices includes sales tax, plus delivery